CEN International is a marketing solutions firm based in Bangkok with its origin in digital design thinking serving the travel, tourism, hospitality, lifestyle, service, and education industries. ‎Comprised of subject matter experts, the firm is made up of various focused disciplined agencies from design and website development (C&O), and destination strategy consulting (Destinspire), as well as solutions from social CRM (ENWOKE), and influencer marketing (Blogger Matchup).

CEN International incubates and invests in select ventures by levering it’s capabilities, solutions, and expertise, including the MekongMoments campaign platform, powered by ENWOKE, on behalf of the six countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion and the Mekong Tourism Coordinating Office.

With German roots, CEN International and its founding partners have diverse and deep experience in ‎Southeast Asia and China, having served major companies and organizations both in public and private sectors.  CEN International has been recognized for its innovation and design with international industry awards, including the 2017 ITB Berlin Golden City Gate Award. A UNWTO Affiliate Member via its partner Chameleon Strategies, its founders are committed to corporate social responsibility and giving back to local communities.